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This website was started on March 2011

 Welcome to our website.

This website is dedicated to presenting an analysis of the shortcomings of General Relativity and to present a new model for Gravitation.  The new model is made possible by proposing new concepts such as absolute motion thru space, space as an expandable and compressible medium, and by doing away with gravitational time dilations.  Each of these concepts are presented in separate sections and some sections require an understanding of previous sections; all sections are brought together at the end to present a new gravitational model.

To proceed to the sections, click the sections button above, and select a section of interest.  Each section will give you the option of proceeding to the next/previous.

If you want to download the whole paper to read at your leisure, click here.

Please also visit the Blog page, where new animations and discussions are presented that extend the original paper.

The author wishes to thank the thousands of visitors that have downloaded the paper and those that have written with comments.  Many thanks.